Sunday, November 5, 2017

And then one day you wake up and to your surprise. And not without kinks mind you. Yet, you've made the lifestyle change. And with glass in hand you toast to a new beginning

Monday, October 16, 2017

I can imagine the sound of a waterfall when it rains. The Summer air has cooled. Slowly with each day I see more yellows and orange in the nearby trees. The change of Seasons are beautiful. The weather is ideal for taking walks. In the morning or in the evening. The air seems a little more crisp I'm the fall. Maybe it's just me. Feeling the cool air touch my skin makes me think of this past summer heat. It was tropical this year in the city. But this cool air is the best. Yeah. This definitely is my favorite season 😀 
So how do I challenge myself to get the best of the season. Do I go and get a pumpkin latte before I go for a walk. I don't know. It seems like a great idea anyways.☕ Do I use my imagination to explore my neighborhood but only with the eyes of the season. It's fall here. Hopefully I'll get to see another rainbow before the Snow makes it's glorious debut. Lol Don't get me wrong I love snow. But the fall has many elements. Fashion for one. I love my fall issues.  Every day I stalk the mailbox for my fall issues. Nothing says fall like pumpkin spice ceral or muffins in the morning with pumpkin spice coffee from McDonald's and my favorite fall issues of Harper's Bazaar. Yes. There is much to celebrate!!!! And it's nice to be able to enjoy the fall colors. In the summer bright orange and hott pinks. In the fall Rich plums and emerald greens. No matter where you are make sure that when given the opportunity to stop and enjoy the view. 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

i find it necessary to continuously search for elements that give me inspiration and motivation. one day you may find inspiration in a certain area however the next day it may not be there or it may not be so strong and evident. surround yorself by things that motivate you and inspire u. whether its getting fit like me or reaching any goal try to make your enviorment one of positive energy and success.  you can do it!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I've learned that in diet, just like in life that I must find or create a balance. The tricky part is tho our balances could be similar ,a lot of times what works for us in terms of balance will differ. It's like a martial artist vs. a sholin monk. Two very different styles yet both very powerful in their own right.  Balance isn't something that will always be found. It isn't something that will always fall into place. Sometimes we must have the discipline to figure out what works for us personally without getting discouraged. Then we must repeat it continuously making modification. This could be the beginning of results. 

May the force be with you. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

I've been thinking about inspiration. Inspiration can come from others when trying to accomplish goals or make changes. But doesn't it also build confidence when without trying that you are actually doing the things each day necessary to change your current direction. Once you allow, yes I said allow yourself to become disciplined, it becomes easy and habit to make choices that bring you closer to succeed. Sometimes it's simple to look over the fact that discipline is a choice. Not to get to far off the subject but sometimes it's easy to get rerouted because inspire of your goals life is happening around you and can implement distractions. Now, let's get back on task 😀
Discipline can be used as a tool to help keep your eyes on the prize and to become and stay focused. The question I had to ask myself lately is am I serious enough. I have to be real and also be serious if I want or expect to implement any real change. I have to become responsible and totally focused about my own wants and needs. It's easy to be a good steward to others. But I have to become or better yet be more serious about taking care of myself. My goals and my dreams. On a greater more conscious level. Especially when I have the tools I need to be successful. But does discipline come before focus??? Or do you have to become focused in order to become disciplined....?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Quietly, in the small cottage she allowed her ideas to pursued her to focus in on beginning with small workouts every morning. The range of motion would be good, she thought quietly, in her mind she had already began. They say it's possible to move a mountain one stone at a time. They're right. She laughed a bit exhausted from a long day. She thought of how a Gold medalist becomes the best in the world at their art. She desired to be her best true self.... She would
Quietly, in the small cottage she allowed her ideas to pursued her to focus in on beginning with small workouts every morning. The range of motion would be good, she thought quietly, in her mind she had already began. They say it's possible to move a mountain one stone at a time. They're right. She laughed a bit exhausted from a long day. She thought of how a Gold medalist becomes the best in the world at their art. She desired to be her best true self.... She would
The cusp of my blog is about success. Success isn't loud and doesn't always come announced. Sometimes it's quiet. Tho polite. The changes I make to get fit must allow me to come full circle. The process is slow. However, when I am consistent I noticed a remarkable difference. It's a great deal of information to say the least. It's kind of like a treasure hunt to find the right key for us personally. One thing I have learned, there is no longer room for success if I give up or quit. I've tasted bits of success. Mighty delightful....And worth working towards
The discipline to be consistent isn't spoke on a great deal. But it is a major component to learning to have a healthier lifestyle. There must be a point where u are able to become disciplined. Discipline is a lot more than just trying in this case. It's about accepting that living better enhances our quality of life. Little by little day by day. We need structure. The discipline to allow structure to be a part of our daily lives can be a gift. Sometimes I can find myself all over the place. Then I remembered time management skills from when I was in college. And I've began to read Covey, Brian Tracy and Proctor. Very helpful tool in actually organizing my life. But small steps daily lead to success
The discipline to be consistent isn't spoke on a great deal. But it is a major component to learning to have a healthier lifestyle. There must be a point where u are able to become disciplined. Discipline is a lot more than just trying in this case. It's about accepting that living better enhances our quality of life. Little by little day by day. We need structure. The discipline to allow structure to be a part of our daily lives can be a gift. Sometimes I can find myself all over the place. Then I remembered time management skills from when I was in college. And I've began to read Covey, Brian Tracy and Proctor. Very helpful tool in actually organizing my life. But small steps daily lead to success
How does one begin to pick up the pieces after falling so far. The will to succeed has to be the greatest force. E=mc2. My journey has been long. But I feel like before I was able to succeed I had to learn the recipe for success. One does not cook without the proper recipe, tho we may tweak certain elements. So in order for one to successfully complete a lifestyle change one must understand exactly the right formula for his or her specific success. When a person who jumps in a swimming pool jumps in this person cannot learn from watching other. This person's journey must begin before she even approaches the water. There must be a trial and error period. Many of us fail because we deny ourselves the period of learning what works for us individually and what does not. It can be easy to give up when you feel like you have already failed. Failure has to become a compound component, tool. Once you have learned what does not work, it is better to learn what does work. We should not allow our attention to be on avenues that have failed us. We should have a little note pad to jot successful attributes. Meaning we should write the areas down that we have success so that we may repeat them. Then we begin to formulate good habits. I'll be writing more. I just wanted to share this while I was pondering a few ideas.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It's been a little while. I've been learning so much more about a healthier lifestyle change. In getting fit I found it necessary to create and find a new style of eating that was doable. I learned just how much I was skipping breakfast and how absolutely wrong I have been. Our bodies need energy to get thru the day. And I eat more at lunch because I feel famished because I've been running on fumes instead of fuel. And I'm not as mindful with food choices for lunch because I'm too hungry and lean towards what looks good as opposed to what is good. Bad food choices. And I've been creating a list of yummy breakfast choices I can live with based on my goals and taste buds. Sometimes we see that big breakfast from breakfast bars and we think oh yum. Then it's so heavy in our stomachs we get tired, or our energy goes down. Or you may be someone who is energized by a hearty breakfast.  Me personally I've learned I enjoy fresh oatmeal and fruit, an egg sandwich or boiled egg and a little protein. I was stuffing myself. I was miserable about it and it took consistent smaller portions for me to learn the difference. This is a change I want to make sure I keep because I feel better. Maybe one of the goals should be changed from losing weight to losing weight to feel better. 😀Who knows 😁 I understand stand better why it's recommended to eat until your satisfied and not until your full. Learning is bliss

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Most of the times it's super easy to get caught up into hype. Most people who battle for the lifestyle change want to be a better version of themselves. At least I do. Its really pretty phenomenal once you come into the knowledge that we have the power, not to always define our situations and circumstances, but the power to be in control of what we want to become and how we choose to live our lives, lifestyle. Sometimes it's simple to see the smaller pictures. I'll be thinner, I'll have more energy and things of this nature. But there's a small window that many if us over look. We all like to feel in control of ourselves, our life. But how many of us actually are. There are twenty four hours in each day. Not the unforseen factors, uncontrollable, but what I'm speaking of is excellent time management. To actually become the individual we are inside, not allowing the uncontrollable to define us individually and it us as individuals.. To be in control of this part in a way that we are working on our optimal selves... And to become happy and satisfied with the us who had the strength to go for it and work on it until we find the place we want and need to be. We are our own worst critics. Take a bow....

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Regardless of how far we may travel. When necessary we are entitled to a reboot...... Stepping back to realize how far you have come is a gift

Sunday, September 18, 2016

No one told me when I was younger what an amazing priceless jewel life is. Discovering such a powerful tool is. It is a life changing discovery. It's a mistake when we assume everyone is on that level. I had to learn to nurture and feed the part of me that has a thirst for life. Im finding people have the ability to suck you dry of your motivation. Toxic people are a real part of reality. They constantly spew negative ideas and it can impact and affect your thinking when you're not careful. Some people may say eliminate those type of people from your circle. I say be mindful and know your limits. Doesn't mean they aren't a good person but they just may not be at a good place in their thinking. Seek and be focused on your journey. Inspire and motivation has to be continuous because life will always interject things that can disrupt your path. Stregnth. We have to learn to tap into our power. To rise above and beyond things that change our thinking to where we don't want it to be. Focus. Believe in yourself. Take it to a higher level. Take the reins of life. Be in control of even what you allow yourself to think. Stregnth. Life is what we make well! :-)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Some parts of our journey we must make alone. I'll be back online around Christmas. Be relentless and reach. One

Saturday, August 20, 2016

I feel the need to concentrate on balance and patience. Principles that will allow the journey im on to remain smooth. 
Balance of nutrition and exercise seem like the way of getting to success. Less calories in more calories out. Life had taken me to a place where I had begun to drag my feet when it came to my own needs. At a certain point I didn't even recognize that I was last. I had no since of balance outside of my responsibilities. Not including my health. I broke my leg and I was so concerned with walking again that I did my best to stay off my feet because in my mind I wanted to heal. It was an ongoing pity party. By the time I noticed I had gained weight. Once I actually did start walking again I failed to address getting back in shape. I allowed it to become a struggle, one that I often got frustrated with. I was unhappy. But I was not consistent in doing anything for change. Only temporary things. I had adopted to many bad habits. It was easy to make unhealthy choices. I had to change my life. But how could I when the concepts of what was necessary evaded me. But I will say something good happened. Somewhere along the way I fell in love with exercising. Even now it aggregates me that I can't go hard the way I actually want to. It's a process I learned, getting fit. If I do to much to fast I won't be able to reap all the true benefits. My body won't respond the way I need it to. And doing it the next day will be out of the question. Process. Balance. Patience.

Monday, August 15, 2016

inspiring change

Changes don't always occur in the way we envision. Some changes take place gradually with practice. Precision doesn't always occur in the first few bouts. Patience im learning has much depth and different levels. Changes can only happen when growth begins to occur. And dedication, commitment and consistency must be present. The fastest runner doesn't always win. But the developed precise runner who has created form and skills over practice and time. It is then that we begin to see the results. But in fitness they don't necessarily have to be the way you expected them to occur. I have to create a balance that allows the results to be steady. Regardless of the pace.  You can't always expect for a cheering squad. Quieter moments have occurred where I have still the need to be focused, push through and persevere through any mindset that can deter me from success. When I strive for success I have learned that the responsibility of maintaining my footage is about the decisions and choices that I make. It has to at some point become self motivated. It was difficult to learn that was a part of what was missing. I decided I will never reach any goals if at some point in my goals I don't just do it. I can't allow myself to negotiate any details. I have to simply begin.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Even in the morning rain, rainbows exist.
Reach for the stars, when you try you won't miss.
Anything we set our minds to belongs to us, if we are patient, when we believe and when we are willing to work hard. It's nice to have luck, but hard work beats all. 
1.Make time to workout. I will not happen accidentally.
2. Don't over do it. Exhaustion won't benefit u.
3. It's okay to push yourself but learn your limits.
4. Get some sleep. You're no good to yourself or anyone else when you're not whole and fully present.
5. Fuel your body. Cars don't run on E' neither should you. Don't be afraid to eat. Food is fuel. Have a plan. Trust your self. 
6. Strive for excellence. Do your best. Perfection can be achieved when you set goals and HAVE A PLAN :-)
7. Water
8. Spend time on youself, even ten minutes
8. Believe in the process.
9. Allow yourself to learn from mistakes. It takes time. Be a good friend to yourself. Kindness.
10. Know that you're only human, results take time. Be patient. Do the things that move you in the direction of your goals. 
Have a good day :-) :-) :-) :-)

Saturday, August 13, 2016

searching for Gold

Good evening world. I hope as we move forward in our journeys that we find the gold and consistently propel ourselves in the direction of our goals. 
I recently lost five pounds. We got this. Small steps add up...
Will be posting tips tonight.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Carelessly the warm summer breeze floats thru the curtains creating a small world wind in its tail. Mindfully I sit. Contemplating my progress in this journey back to a moment when my body was fit and much stronger. It is simple in the world to find yourself only if and when u open your mind and stay focused. Committed to your goals. But it can only happen purposefully. Using your imagination will not help. I assure you. It is a wise thing to save yourself some steps. The prize belongs to u. But you have to stretch out your arms and reach for it. Hard work and focus. They aren't dreams when you're not afraid to sweat. Plan for success. Well, you can plan for success or assume that it is much to difficult at some point and you will then have the option to fail. :-) choose wisely my friends. Choose wisely.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

The buzz of city traffic filled the air. She could see the moon from her small flat. Quietly she sat wondering what the next phase would be in her journey to get fit, her journey for a more healthful lifestyle. Over time she had learned so much. But this time she had done something different. She had made up her mind. Which was actually different from learning, hoping and praying for a change in her life. Maybe it was a combination of them all. But making up her mind that she wanted to live different, be different was almost like a new beginning. It was a call in her mind for ACTION. Change would not occur simply because she wanted it to. It had to be she finally decided because all the smaller steps along the way added up to a change in mindset. The small tips and tools like drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables, steering clear of sweets, and not very much fried foods, more poultry and less red meats chanded her actions. But over time helped her to make up her mind...
The smell of coffee filled the small flat and she sipped slowly in awe that not a change of heart wasn't the thing that had been missing, not even a change of mind but a solid MAKING up her mind. The making a decision that it was time for things to be different. It may sound simple enough but in actuality it was quite more. It was the beginning of starting over so many times, searching for the piece to complete a change that would be permanent change in her lifestyle. Not just the desire for change. But the understanding that their wasn't ANY other answer but to change. Sounds simple enough right. But so much greater than it sounds. How can one have the desire to change without a change in mindset she thought about it more. Such a large piece to be missing that if she wasn't paying attention she probably wouldn't have noticed when she said within herself, this is it, I have to be different permanently for good... and adamant. Consistent. Each day. Towards the goal of a healthy lifestyle. She admitted to herself that she had more work to do but it was something to celebrate... Making up her mind...that something different was available to her....Taking better care of herself was an option. She could be different now on a greater level... for sure she had passed level one.  Anxious to find what level to was about she sipped her coffee slowly and and feverishly read her new books she had picked up at the library on fitness, nutrition and diet & exercise. Knowing that a strong foundation had been laid, she read this night contently...with eyes and ears open she decided to manage the path to her goals as masterful as she had being amongst the best in her field. Not just because she loed her field, or her family, but this time ut was about making sure she was loving herself.... 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The city seems quiet this morning. 
I can hear the sound of traffic beginning. The warm air softly blows a breeze through the curtains. 
I decided to food prep for a few days while the air is cool. Once the day begins it will be ninety degrees for the rest of the week. 
Cucumber salad, egg salad, and chicken salad. Im putting it in plastic containers with the lids. 
Oh, I got my first injury. I hurt my foot wearing flats. But it's not going to be an excuse for me. I'll just have to do chair exercise for a little...
So ladies and gentlemen, when you're running around or exercising please wear a good important...

Sunday, July 10, 2016

It's early in the a.m. I've decided to get up early enough to exercise before the heat of the day comes in. I'm still learning to pace myself and find balance. I've started many new hobbies. Learning to eat it seems has created me with a lot more free time. Stuffing yourself silly is apparently time consuming. Learning to eat on a schedule has given me more free time. I suppose it makes sense to replace all the extra eating with something artistic or brain hobbies... to take away a bad habit is very good but finding a new habit I liked was even better. Now I think no one in the words can color better than me. Im in Lisa Frank's coloring group on Facebook...we share our fun. Much better than crying over eating to many cupcakes....It's good to be focused but coloring is mostly stress free, inexpensive and good conversation...find your passion. Replace something unhealthy with something positive. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

I suppose that the time has come again for me to give myself a little kick in the pants again. I wanna say I've come to far to go back in the other direction. Success can make u feel pretty good, but I have to stay grounded in how far I need to get. Period. I have to remind myself that the actual WORK has to come from me. No encouragement in the world is enough to make results. Consistency must occur the majority of the time. The more consistent I am the closer I am to my new lifestyle. There comes a time when excuses aren't enough any longer. I think I dwell to much on what I haven't accomplished. I dwell to much on what I did wrong...hoping for the recipe to make it right. Im at the point where it is time for ACTION. Just waking up each morning knowing what is necessary and useful and doing exactly that. And without excuses. By the way for me at this point complaining and complaints are just excuses. They solve and accomplished actually nothing but a chain reaction of negativity. Pointless... I have a way of giving myself credit for what is actually minute. A pat on the back for being 30%whole. It's not good enough any longer. I can see myself making excuses for years to come if I don't change it right now. I also want to stop giving more energy to what I did wrong. Still focusing on what is sound and necessary. It is easy to want it all in a day. Accepting that it can only happen by doing all I can each day in the direction of my goals are the only ways possible for me to find the success that I search for so relentlessly... I've been thinking also about tweaking my journal. I wanna focus on each thing I do in the direction of my goals for a while. Positive intervention :-) I wanna use it not as motivation but as encouragement. No one talks about encouragement. A lot of times you hear about support systems and motivation. Don't get me wrong support and motivation are useful, but it's time to interject positive integers into this process. To say what im actually doing right day in and day out would mean that im doing something right. Instead of feeling sad that another day went by that I wasn't perfect. But I suppose a gold medal skater must learn to fall before perfection can be reached. But maybe it's different when you're competing with other to be the best vs. Yourself to be your own personal best...? Maybe I don't know. But it kinda makes sense to me. Anywho, I ate smaller portions today. I didn't stuff myself and make my stomach uncomfortable. I had small meals often. I got moving and the sun was shining. Tomorrow I will do the best I can with the twenty four hours before me. To accomplish a better quality of life and a more healthy lifestyle. It just makes sense to aim higher. Maybe it wasn't time before. But it certainly makes sense tonight. Because getting to far off track and losing actual sight of goals I have to at least do my best to try and make sure that it won't happen again. It takes to long to find my way back. FOCUS. not a bad thing. Encouragement for what I did right....It's time.  

Thursday, July 7, 2016

A part of a lifestyle change is about learning. Learning what is useful to us. So, lately I've been hitting the books. Trying to learn what will work for me. Today I learned about how to eat. That eliminating distractions and paying attention to how you chew and the pace at which I eat. Allowing my body time to signal when im full. I have to admit that usually I eat pretty quickly. Well I use to :-) that's something I will change immediately. Im sure it helps with digestion and turning food into fuel also. I learned about food being nutritional a while ago. If you don't chew we get fewer nutrients.  I've also learned to stop being addicted to the taste of food. It's good to have tasty yummies but it's about nutrients and fuel. I had to change the way I viewed food. It helped me. 
Just remember anything you want is possible. If I can find change anyone can. Trust in the process and build confidence in any goals you set for yourself. Negativity can kill dreams. Be confident in your abilities. Learn to trust yourself. It may take more than one try but don't give up. Because one day has the ability to turn into today :-) .

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Wow! usually the type of person who cannot wait for the fall to arrive so that i can exercise without sweating so much....However, this summer i'm feeling somewhat difference.  you cant`t be afraid to sweat. it just sort of comes with the territory.  sweating is about getting your body temperature up and burning fat.  not such a awful phenomenon.  truthfully im feeling quite inspired. i want to be able to see and feel the difference in myself.  my body has worked hard for me and i would like to reward it with good health.  im stilled trying to get grounded in my summer eating habits... remember i was doing the three day a week vegetarian one? it actually wasnt a bad idea. being healthy is an amazing feeling. eating right kind of seems like, not the reward, but the prize.... it pretty cool.  
after a while,im proof that small changes over time add up. mathematically speaking i suppose it makes good
the sand at my feet washes over me when the waves hit the shore.the melody of seguls somehow makes it seem even more like a summer day by the lake. . the wind vicariously blows my sundress in her dance.  silently, i decide to take owner ship of this very summer right here....She belongs to me. i own her.  well probably not but it was an amazing thought at the time.  lol... even still i choose to absorb in even tinyiest faucet of her beauty.... may sprinkles of sunshine rain on your day and burst into rainbows....ttyl8er

Sunday, July 3, 2016

It can be said that exercise is a great thing. I worked out late yesterday. It's a good thing to give the body a full range of motion. After learning aerobics I actually have a better day when I exercise. But I think I prefer to do it early. But then again better late than never. Yet, it still doesn't change the fact that im evidently a morning person....After I get myself together and have coffee it's usually exercise time...I enjoy my workout to music or dvd. I guess this morning I'll be walking with Leslie. A hopefully for the three mile walk. Sometimes I have to push myself to get started. It helps when I just turn the DVD on :-) yesterday my focus was upper body. I noticed that I work on my legs A lot. So I had a good upper body focusing on arms and chest muscles. I was looking at upper body workouts on YouTube and it gave me plenty of good ideas. I tried to make sure that I did back exercises also. I wanted to earn those two slices of pizza that I ate last night...balance and moderation. I passed on the extra cheese and only had two toppings. Im trying to implement exercise into my daily routine now. Im trying to work on my core. Maybe if I get consistent at a better level I will treat myself to a cute workout outfit. I want to see what I can do three months strong. 
I knew it would take time to adjust but now I have to push myself to the next level. I suppose that it just kinda makes sense. I also am learning that exercise time is something you have to be willing to fight a little bit for. The phone is constantly trying to pull me away from my focus... all the alerts and calls I have to hide out from sometimes to concentrate on my workout and movements. My body now craves more exercise. I can find myself sometimes in automatic let's go mode :-) so I guess I had to discover what works and what doesn't work. All a part of the process that I wait so patiently for to take hold and grasp the greatest of the experience with each session. Maybe that's how they came up with the phrase go hard or go home. Now each day going my hardest may not look exactly the same. However, im still encouraged. 
I try not to eat until after a workout...
Is it also me or does exercise make u a bit wiser? Hmm. ?
O well it's still a wise thing to do in the scheme of taking care of ourselves. And might I add that it doesn't happen magically. Wishing it probably won't serve you well. No way. U just have to sort of dig in. I use to dig into food, now I dig in to my workout.:-) not bad for a cutie fatty on the brink of change :-)
Anyways, I have to make sure I remain focusing on diet. Exercise has a way of making me think I earned a Scooby snack...:-) certainly not the case. No matter what your goals are today all I can say is finding time to work on them won't fail you. Be realistic and give it your time because the goal is worth it. Cross the finish line strong not because you focused on it but because we worked on it :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) God Speed my friends....I'll try to report after my workout tonight. Yes. You heard right im aiming for twice a day even twenty or thirty minutes each...enjoy your day! :-).

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Taking care of ourselves and actually purposefully managing our lifestyles is a guaranteed way to ensure a better quality of life. All the way across the board. Knowing what strengths us and makes us happy is a good thing to get in touch with. The Dhali Lama says the key to life is happiness...something to think about. 

For this reason I like to journal. It allows me to zero in on one idea. To explore the things that I want to keep. In life we are given many ideas. And now we're probably past the information age. So I learn what isnt necessary so I can discard it and replace it with something empowering.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Okay so let me jump right in and get to it.....
Food Prepping will be our topic of this post...
I try to think of the things that give me the most strength and that may help someone else when I post. I never want to be selfish because I figure if I say something to actually help one person then in my story and my journey I don't feel so bad to have found myself in the shape im in. Because maybe my Destiny was simply to touch someone else's life...
So, food prepping, 
On the day that you actually prepare your meals, snacks, breakfasts, lunches or dinners may I suggest you get a little rest prior because it will be a little bit of work. Usually I grab some music and put it in the kitchen with me set up my Ziploc freezer bags and or containers and sit down the day before and wash my friuts and veggies the day before to have that out of the way. Or if im making chicken or other frozen meat I put it in the sink to thaw. Make sure to refrigerate while cold... Food Prepping depends all on how you want to do. Some people do just lunches, or snacks. It just depends on what's the right fit for you.. I definitely like to do fruits and veggies. I love my onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, broccoli and other veggies chopped in some bads, or sliced in other bags all to be ready and available for quick use.  I also like making snack bags. Sometimes a tub of pretzels with a scoop is good food prepping too :-) lol it's all about convenience and having things available. I do use containers but I also like making large bowls with lids full of chicken salad or tuna fish prepared out of the can, I'll post a recipe, or egg salad. I also put portions in smaller containers for when im traveling. Maybe six or seven little containers. You can find them everywhere from marcs to walmart to family dollar to dollar all depends on u. Shop around a little to see what's available if you can. 
Bagging snacks is a good idea. Because you know one or two bags won't hurt u. Plus u can have good variety if you plan well. It does take a little while. But it's worth it. Boiled eggs and peeling them in a pretty container also makes the refrigerator cute when you open it :-) go figure...decorating the inside of the refrigerator with healthy delicious yummies. Sending part II in three minutes...with pictures and ideas....look for part two.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

As promised here I am again...:-)
I want to start with a new way of eating that im going to try for myself.... first of all for me variety isn't necessarily the spice of life when it comes to can sometimes fall into for the month of July u want to experiment with routine. Breakfast every single morning will be some type of egg. Egg with veggies and a little piece of cheese for flavor. I don't know if it will be boiled scrambled or an omlet but it will be some style of eggs. 
Then for lunch I want to do some fashion of cucumbers salad each day for the month....whether I add tomatoes onion or broccoli it will always have fat free dressing of some type for flavor. 
Then dinner will be either chicken salad with fruit, tuna salad with fruit or some type of meat and veggie stir fry.... I will speak at the end of each blog about how it's are a few more ideas....

Friday, June 24, 2016

Today I decided to take a small walk...I also did Leslie's one mile walk. Is it me or does exercise really make you feel better like they say...? Well it sure seems like it. 
I also am continuing to eat light. I haven't been to the book store lately to find us some new goodies but I promise to go soon. 
Tonight im going to post again more treats to keep motivation going. More healthy summer meals and helpful be on the lookout...I'll be back shortly...:-)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Why is it so easy to stay focused when we are finding success. We can feel so much joy and then when the ruff patch comes along it automatically feels like defeat. I suppose that during the ruff patch, taking inventory of how much you have achieved is a good way not to sabotage your self esteem. My self esteem is very fragile. One hit can cause many side effects if im not careful. I use bad days to try and remember successful days. The reason why I wanted to even reach my goals in the first place.... I can't sit here and allow anyone new to think that ruff patches won't happen. That every day will be perfect. If you're reading this now maybe you know what I mean or maybe you haven't experienced a ruff patch vs. A bad day. Maybe you and I might actually learn to have something in place as a way of getting thru a ruff zone. Maybe a letter to self?  A goal reason sheet? A self esteem proclamation....such as I will not fail, quitting is not an option. Just reasons not to surrender when the day came that you would have the Blues. Remind yourself that set backs can last a moment, a day or in some cases years... I must learn to find strength when I hit a wall and make a decision immediately to find the strength to push thru!!!.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The heart of a Champion.
Achievement. Achieving optimal success in your division, whatever it may be. We have to prime ourselves for success. Gold, silver and bronze medals aren't being passed out for mediocrity. Sometimes we just have to use good old fashioned roll up your sleeves hardwork, sweat to our brow effort, dedication and commitment... they're is no easy way.
This post is about giving ourselves credit for how far along we have come in our journey. No matter what your journey is. We can tend to be our own worst critics. I have come quite a ways. And I have a ways to go as a matter of fact. But I didn't quit. Instead of beating myself up with my energy I want to take the time and thank my readers, myself, my body and my mind for being so supportive even when in my heart I was ready to surrender. I've been making small changes inch by inch in this lifestyle change, but I wanna say that the goal has always been to come full circle. I want today to put things together better. Now I know changes take time, overall. But it's time to put three or four tasks on my goal list at once. I have to begin to overtime putting things together. 
Now let's see. My mornings are what I want to begin with, initially. 

  • Set alarm clock for early wake up
  • Make the bed
  • Wash face, brush up and put on workout clothes
  • Exercise 30 minutes(stretch before and after)
  • Light house cleaning
  • Get showered and dressed for the day
  • Have light breakfast
Head out

I should be busy getting this down pact. For the rest of June and July my focus will be with these tasks. I'll keep you posted...
Be kind to are worthy. You are capable....believe in you...

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Listen for your music...
It will inspire you to stay focused. Music is sound that is pleasing to the ear. Trust in the process. It's okay to stumble but if you happen to fall you have to know to get back up. Making mistakes believe it or not is a part of the process. Never feel inferior. Everyone's situation is different. The question I ask you is "Now What?" How do we take an idea and a goal and use it successfully to or benefits. In this case to enhance our quality of life. 
My desire to get fit, in it seems to be an unquenchable thirst that I never want to go away. I want position myself to allow getting healthier and fit to be jewels that compliment me well for life.  It's important to make sure business is handled. But its also important not to forget about yourself. To take care of our individual well being. Or that we are practicing Wellness healthy ways of lifestyle.... even a few bites less a day is a beginning. Be consistent...
When you have a bad day reward yourself for the night... a well rounded complete healthful meal, a nice soak, maybe a face mask or a pedicure then curl up to a good book or a chick flick. Across the world, we have to give ourselves a little attention every now and then....before you can expect someone else to be the difference in your life, we must first begin to be the difference in our own....
Relax....if you get a chance. Our bodies work hard for us. We earned it.....

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Today I had the opportunity to catch a bit of the Summer breeze. I went for a walk. I didn't go far but I did go in spite of the heat. Next time I will go early before the heat inches it's way in. Tonight it's me and Leslie one on one. A light stretch before and after. I didn't eat very much today. I don't think I need that much fuel. Im trying to learn to think of food as fuel as opposed to yummy. I made a weely menu with modified lighter versions of meals I like. I want to start having soup with my meals as a filler like they do in restaurants. It's a low calorie way to fill. 
I've decided that in the evenings since im less active that I will have dinner snack as opposed to a regular meal and not be busy enough to burn off the calories. I really like cottage cheese and fruit. I also like carrots and lite ranch dressing as opposed to chips or dips. Maybe a low no carb tuna salad or chicken salad but definitely something lighter than usual. They tell you not to eat right before bed because u don't burn calories. But as a double assist because my evenings are less active smaller meals may help me at dinner. I pledge to eat zero take out food for the rest of this year. That way im avoiding hidden calories. As u may hear calorie intake is important to me right now. Usually I take things one day at a time. But I want my new short term goal to be for the rest of the year. Less Calories. For a minute I had hit a wall. My first one but I don't want to linger and have the extended version. I think I will also cut down my portions. I can tell somewhat Im stuffing myself too much. Not as much but I can do better. I can tell my stomach is trying to adjust but I still am giving it too much.
Something that I can change.
I've also been journaling. Then I can zero in on what im getting right and what im getting wrong. A lot of times I clean to music to burn calories. So, between that and dvds hopefully im doing enough. I'm planning on adding floor exercises come July. Crunches and other simple things to help get my stomach together. Nothing harsh but I want to start introducing my stomach muscles to getting in a bit of work. So I will do stomach and arms along with everything else. Im thinking I want to do a little each day but keep it light until I get used to things. 
Maybe as insensitive I will buy new sneakers for the new year for tuffing it out. I know it's a ways off but I wonder how I will look in two years. I know the goal is for life. But im changing. Each day the process becomes a bit more easy. But still some days are better than others. I have a portion plate that I use as a guide too. If you eat two portions every day for long enough you can become the size of two people. Not a good thing. Not two servings but one balanced serving. Those fruits and veggies help. Less can be said to be more. Literally :-) 
I guess it's all about learning tho. Knowledge is certainly power..... Balance is key. 
Balance is such a powerful tool. Yes, balance can be learned and used as a tool. Food intake, exercise and activity levels have to make sense. I simply can't take in more than I execute physically. Budgeting and managing and planning time helps. Success is not out of sight. It's within reach. I can not fail. After all I know the recipe :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) stay strong and committed to whatever your goals may be. You can do it!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Most of the time in my little corner of the world there isn't always room to decide the tempo of how each day will unfold. Planning is a good helper for sure. Yet, there is still the unforseen obstacles that can ruin a perfectly good to-do list. I have learned how ever on the days that I don't mindand can afford to get up a bit earlier that Morning are slower, with less distractions and less overall cross interference. U can set the mood, the tone and can spend my mornings concentrating on pretty much anything I would like :-) :-) :-) :-) which is an absolute win. I mean it does force me to bed a little earlier but those few hours that I get up before the rest of the world belong to me. It's almost like an hour long Maxwell House commercial. Two hours when I can, but the point is im obsessed with getting up early. I can workout, stretch, read, journal, breakfast, I sometimes even make the bed :-) have u ever came home to a made bed??'! It took some getting used to coming home and everything was all neat. At first I use to be like who broke in and cleaned up while I was gone....? Lol.:-) but the side effects aren't so bad. :-) I mean I guess it's good when I don't need extra sleep but I kinda feel like I own my day a little. I can spend more time on getting ready too.. which means I can sparkle a bit brighter, hopefully...(bad hair days happen)'. But I like the pep in my step when I do....walking at the park tomorrow. Alarm clock set...all systems go.  Or maybe for you better self time is in the evening or at night...honestly mine vary. But I just wanted to share my thoughts on the subject...any positive or negative feedback would be respected as long as ots constructive. Enjoy your Friday.....It's Miller time, or in my case Miller lite :-) :-) :-) cheers.
Let's see. Today is Friday. June 17th,on the year 2016.
The sun is shining in the city and the ait is thick. This isn't an opportunity for me to forget my goals. I like to set aside time in the morning to get my to-do list prepared. I think I will do my Leslie Sansom DVD in the evening when it's cooler today. Is it me, or is working out, doing aerobics a little addictive after you start doing it? When I miss a day I think im starting to crave it. My body has an attitude with me or something....!
Like...uh hmmm! I do believe that you're forgetting something. My aerobics please, thank you very :-)
I've gotten so good with Leslie's steps sometimes I do them to my YouTube music....:-) 
After not stretching for a long time and feeling the burn...I was advised to stretch before and after. This way I avoid the robotic walk that I mastered when I get stiff. I guess the stretching helps keep me more flexible. A good idea to say the least. Ladies and gentlemen stretching works :-) :-) :-)
More tonight....

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Im thankful to say that I have been going strong for three or four months. But I feel like im about to hit a wall because my enthusiasm doesn't seem as strong. But I refuse to crumble in the eyes of diversity. That's what I usually do. Experience has taught me to be different. I need to get grounded. I think the tool that will be the most important right now will be the power of my planner/ planning and time management using my time less effectively. If I plan on staying on track and getting the reults I want and need in a timely fashion then I need to get back on task. Now im not using my time to benefit me as much. And that has to change. 
Nothing is more important than my health. Because it has something to do with living and life. Now of course I didn't gain over night so it takes time but I still should be moving forwards and not backwards. It comes down to diet and exercise. But a schedule would ensure that im not wasting time. Believe it or not twenty four hours is a lot of time. Quite a bit can be accomplished in twenty four hours. I feel like im getting to relaxed in my routine and I need to tighten up. So this morning I will create a schedule to better assist me with routine. When we hit a wall it's best not to waste too much time there. Been there done that. Im taking no prisoners and making no excuses. I'll be setting my alarm clock to help give me balance. I want to use mornings as my me time quiet time for me. For some nights may work better. But think there are twenty four hours in a day why should at least one be persoanl. For life. Whether you want to think, read, exercise, grooming, some time to us personally is a bad idea. Right? :-) :-) :-) :-)
 Believe in you. Take time for u. Take care of u. U deserve kind to yourself. It takes time. Any goal. Don't surrender. Don't give up....I think there for I am- a wise all the knowledge in the world means nothing when you don't take time to apply it in a meaningful sound way that makes sense for your individual goals- jauquesla ross :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Today is a good day to rest. Just to look at where I began and to discover how far I have come. The results are a slow process. But im feeling good because I've noticed one thing for sure. My mind set and desire to be successful has blossomed into an attitude of success. I use to wonder but now I am determined. Desire has turned into passion. Im passionate about crossing the finish line. Meaning I want it as bad as I want to breathe. 
I no longer have to visualize changes. I can now see the changes actually taking place. Though everyday isn't 100% I must say I have come a long way from my zero percentile :-)
I could choose to be myself up for not being perfect. But the beauty in recognizing that im doing things differently is a reason to smile. 
I can't allow my self to think I don't have far too go but I can see the light at the other end of the finish line waiting for me. It's a good feeling. I said in the beginning that my aim wasn't just to lose weight. But ti live a healthier more fit and active lifestyle. I suppose that it can be said that the process is finally beginning to take hold of me. I move differently. More purposefully. I think different. Its no longer a noun for me to change it has become a verb. Action :-) :-) :-)
Gradually im beginning to evolve. And towards something concrete for life. The key perhaps is insuring myself a better quality of life.. 
I always envisioned the weightloss to be so important. But it wasn't more important than getting understanding of why the entire process. Focusing on the reasons that were so important to me physically and healthful. To be continued...

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It was a cold winters day in Cleveland. There was a blizzard that took the city by surprise. A snow day. The weather man warned for no one to go outside if not absolutely necessary. The streets were covered with snow. Flakes did a dance as they fell from the sky the size of tennis balls. She was busy most of the time, on an average day... taking care of any of her needs was rarely on her to-do list. Silently she stared at the dusty collection of workout dvd's that each time she bought she promised herself that each time in particular was a new beginning. A new fresh day. She thought of how many times she started over as she stared again harder at the large collection. She felt a small burn as she held back tears. She wanted to lose weight so badly that the desire haunted her daily. Quietly she doubted herself. Why would this day be any different? Why begin again only to fail once more???? How could she? She could never be one of those salad eating females who she had heard lived on rabbit food. Because of course she had already tried. Only to show up at a fast food restaurant to order a double decker, soper sized frys, and a biggie drink. To wash it all down with. Of course. She felt sorry for herself. She had read all the books and magazines and done all the research. Yet, here she was again about to attempt what seemed to be the impossible. For her at least anyway.....
Check me out tomorrow for more of my journey....
And how I finally got to a turning point. By the way, thanks for allowing our lives to touch, if but for a moment. Gday.

Monday, June 13, 2016

It's early in the morning in the city. The coolness of the night is still brisk. I find it best to workout very early ir after night falls. But I prefer to do things to the sound of the birds in the park across the street :-) they inspire me. Such a small creature up early preparing for the day. 
The traffic is light this morning. For a Monday...I can hear the busses running on time :-) when I look out the window the sky is full of blues and hues of lavender and purples...

Today as stated I want to follow up with tips for summer. So let's jump into it:
When the heat is upon us in the Summer months it is so very necessary to stay cool and hydrated. We have to drink water. Water not only hydrates the body but it keeps us cool.  It also replenishes our body with the water we have lost when we sweat. Another excellent way to stay hydrated is to eat fruits. Many fruits like watermelon can be a good source of water and hydration.  
With the heat it's also a good idea to eat lighter. Especially during the day. Foods like anti pasta salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, wraps, cottage cheese and fruits, are delish and can be made low calorie and are easier for our systems to ingest and digest.. lighter. 
I try to cook or food prep while it is earlier and cooler or after the sun goes down... It's a good way not to over heat your home. Or use too much a/c. 
I also use the old fashioned idea of having a candy dish available with sugar free hard candies or treats I enjoy as a way to have something for my taste buds when im not hungry but have the desire to eat. I say old fashioned because most people don't use candy dishes anymore. But perhaps it is an art form that should not be lost...:-)
Also investing in a few picktures could be useful. I mean the ones we use in the refrigerator...forgive me arrr! 
Anywho, having lemonade and iced tea are ancient traditions that that have been replaced with juice boxes but in theory we shouldn't allow this tradition to fade ither. Even water. And u can make it uo with your desired fruits or cucumbers for a very refreshing tasty treat that will also keep you cool. Priceless...
I'll try to find some summer recipes that are yummy and won't weigh on our pockets....
The last tip for this morning is, instead of using higher wattage light bulbs like 100watts, try 60 or 40' its less on the energy bill and it can keep your home cooler...lights give off heat....ttyl8r
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Summer is here in full blast officially. This morning as I sat pondering the topic of this post, I wanted to re-introduce the topic of this blog is also about sharing and ideas that otherwise I would keep to myself. However thinking about the readers who share their time allowing me to enter into their lives even if but for a moment and decided that they deserve the full benefits of my transformation...and that sharing tips to give basic ideas a new splash of life. Perhaps I will start another blog about my fresher tips to make it an even smoother change for anyone who could benefit or use. 
So today let's add tips on health and lifestyle itself. 

Summer it can be said is an easy way that so many people fall off the wagon when it comes to eating healthy snacks. But there are so many healthy options that are available with a bit of research...And none of them are bland or tasteless. Here are a few tasty ideas and treats

Not only are these ideas simple but they won't over heat your home. I will add to this post later today....
Have a fantastic day! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The difference between finding success or not in obtaining a goal be it a healthful life style or winning the Olympic games can have a bit to do with inspiration and motivation. A famous person once said "I think therefore I am". And I kind of want to agree with this statement. Inspiration can be defined as being mentally stimulated to do or feel something... where as motivation can be defined as the reason one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. So the difference is stimulation vs. and or reasons. But I would like to take the idea a step further. Do we wait for reasons or to become simulated or do we create them. So I guess a better way of saying it is can inspiration and motivation be taught or learned. With the understanding that to achieve them could become key tools in successfully reaching goals? 
I often hear people say they lack motivation and inspiration. Because they aren't feeling inspired or motivated. But with a bit of tweaking im wondering quite possibly if they could be going about it the wrong way???
People search for motivation and inspiration, but what if you could create it. How different would success become with any goals in mind???
It would take some critical thinking but depending on how well we know ourselves could decide if in fact we were able to learn it in a way that could be useful. 
To be mentally stimulated to do or feel something or feel something, meaning being inspired to do something, in my case become more healthy and fit is a tool that I could learn to create vs. waiting for inspiration to strike me. So how does one stimulate the mindset of getting healthier and fit? Or to put it simple become inspired or find inspiration for a lifestyle change? By finding what stimulates you to stay committed and on task day on and day out. By finding reasons daily to stay focused and interested in your process... to stay motivation :-) 
I really used to complain a lot in the beginning of my process about having no inspiration or motivation when time went by after awhile in my lifestyle change. It was like I was waiting for an anvil to fall out the sky to make me want it as bad as when I initially began. Thus I found myself starting over and over again. Unil once again the thrill was gone...? But the one constant that I found was making up my mind that I wasn't going to ever quit or give up on my overall well-being for better quality of life, ie. health. And then I found tuff love. Someone who wasn't afraid to say that motivation doesn't magically happen like some fairy tale but that I was gonna actually have to roll up my sleeves if I was serious and be willing to put in work( like most goals). I realized that the whining and complaining had to stop and that it was time for action. 
Now everyone's reasons or motivation can vary but the idea to create the motivation and inspiration that I needed was something that could come naturally but when I didn't I realized I had to create them. And since I like most people am a one of a kind, I needed to find the recipe if you will that would bring me success and work for me. By journaling, daily for me, I was able to keep focused and stimulated as well as my reasons alive to a point that there was no other options available except to become successful. Science had already showed me the way. I had to eat better and move more and be committed to the change that I wanted and needed in my life and lifestyle for overall better quality of life. And with that I began to visualize and understand that wanting it bad and studying wasn't enough. I have to do the work. 
My anchor is consistently learning to be and stay committed, motivated and inspired. You can do it! You will not fail! Believe in yourself. Grab the bull by the horns and make it what you want it to be. We can't lose. Ever :-) because quitting isn't an option.... Ever :-) :-) :-) :-) B-)
She sat near the window. Trying to get a hint of the morning breeze. The summer wind was warm but crisp enough this morning to still enjoy. The harmony of the birds in the park across the street created a smile within her. There seemed to be a buzz like something interesting had happened that could be heard even above the musuc of there chirp. Whatever it was it must have been juicy because the conversation didn't seem to end. It was still dark out, yet the sounds of the city in the morning was one that she favoured. There was a new Cafe Latte, a coffee cafe, that the college students piled up in early mornings before class. As she got her book bag ready, she decided that fashion was the way she wanted to make her mark on the world. She had a gift for making things beautiful. And in time Amber's plan was to do just that.....

Deciding to have a passion for success is a tool for success in any goal. Because then you add purpose to the equation. 
When you're passionate about your reasons your goals will begin to take form. You begin to find inspiration from others and yourself. So on all that you do....
Be passionate. Believe in your reasons. Allow yourself to be inspired and motivated each day. Maybe a motivation journal could be a positive attribute to a part of the journey. Then occasionally u can read over it and it may be a good way to stay committed. I will try it for a few months and give you feedback. 
Be challenged, be motivated, and use passion as a stepping stone each day to own your goals...
You can do it!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A long time ago if you would have asked me this question you would have gotten a different answer. 
But I am actually learning to enjoy the process of getting healthier and fit. I mean, im a world in progress. But it is not as difficult as I allowed it to be for so long. I'm actually learning to take better care of myself. Each choice that I make concerning what I eat and moving my body gets a bit easier each day. I suppose that there is something to the idea that over time good habits can be learned. I mean, maybe im special but it did take longer than 21 days like they say.  But then again im not a very good poster person for discipline....:-) but once I allowed myself to try to master the art of discipline successfully somehow I began to get focused. I try to keep the finish line in mind at all times. Truthfully I never want to lose sight of it. Things can be busy and rushed sometimes. And we can lose focus or even motivation. So im finding it necessary to do things daily so I won't stray to far away from the prize. To be a champion is possible in all aspects of life. Not only in sports. But I guess over time I've learned to think that way. 
I had to make up my mind why it was important to me to be fit and more healthy. Things like a new dress in a smaller size or a class reunion are great. But they don't motivate you for very long. 
I've allowed myself to start over so many times. I learned it's okay to not get things right the first try. I learned not to beat myself up about it. But to always stay truthful about why it is necessary and important to be strong and fit enough to enjoy a happier quality of life. At the end result of every goal one should feel a greater degree of satisfaction and happiness. Even when its just crossing the finish line or beating your last score. If you play your best and your hardest you should always feel like a winner. Even if occasionally u have to tweek or reset. 
I try to surround myself with like minded people. But when others don't see my vision im learning to be my own source of support because quiet moments do come and it can be useful not to sabotage yourself by eating to many cookies even when each package is only one hundred calories...:-) it takes practice I suppose to get good at anything. Not too much in life comes without effort. So we must learn to make a commitment to the process and be aware that the first time isn't always a charm.
Keep focused
Be determined
Keep your goals in mind
Don't give up
Remember your reason....
You will succeed.
We will succeed.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sometimes it's good to revisit our initial goals from time to time. To figure and decide if we are on track, what our next moves should be and the steps we need to factor in to be clear on the direction we want to go. Sort of like a reboot.. in order to recharge the initial vision and to enhance focus. Feel free to revisit any of the posts here as an additional way to refuel. 

Revisit the steps you put in place to reach your goals. Decide what ideas need to be your concentration and if any ideas need to be updated, upgraded or simply omitted. Allow your internal self to give you strength and guide you to greater heights of success. Trust inwardly and have confidence that you can successfully make it to the next steps in a new stage to cross the finish line strong. Sometimes it's good to jot ideas down and revisit them occasionally or as often as needed. Life can get busy and our minds can venture off the path of successfully achieving our goals. Meaning our energy and commitment levels can get weaker or lessen if we don't keep recharging our motivation. Be motivation constantly and consistently. 

Your three R's are not longer reading writing and arithmetic. Which actually could be a positive integer in this equation. Because if used correctly they could be a royal assist. But right now allow me to introduce you to a new set of R's. Refresh, refine and reboot.

Refresh. Seems like a simple enough thing. Right? But imagine if we actually allowed it to become a verb towards our goals occasionally. Not when we're about to bottom out because something isn't working in desperation. But as a tool. A tool to regain momentum. As a matter of fact all ot the R's can be used to regain momentum and to propel into the arenas of success. If we take an occasional moment to revisit our plans. To refresh is to renew, to up grade an idea or ideas. Being that circumstances and situations are ever changing so too should be your ability to refresh the structure of where we are at and where we are going. Where we would like to be.

Refine. It's about where we are at and where we would like to BE. Are you on track? Do ideas and ways of achieving goals still apply to the overall scenario? Does every idea still work? What can be upgraded or what ideas can be simply discarded or refurbished? It could mean a lot to know your answers to these questions. And by the way there is such a thing as a long or a short answer. Go for the long answer it will be more of a positive attribute. It will be a good help mate.

Well. How often do we truthfully pay attention to the love and attention we give to ourselves? Do something nice for yourself. A spa day, a massage, whatever it is that allows you to escape and clear the mind for a few moments. Your mind will thank you. :-) 
Be kind to yourself. Your body and your mind has been working hard for you. Show it how much you appreciate that. 
You can do it. We will be successful. One moment at a time. One day at a time. Until next time my compadres, God Speed